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Back to School Physicals and Health Check List

Posted on Wed, Jul 27, 2016

Backpack? Check. Notebook? Check. Cool new school clothes? Check. Back to School PhysicalsWalk into any store with your child’s school supply checklist in hand, and you’re likely going to be faced with bright orange “BACK TO SCHOOL” promotions. Summer is almost over (we know, we can’t believe it either), which means it’s time for parents to start thinking about a health check list, and it starts with scheduling back to school physicals.

Healthy Back-To-School Checklist

As you’re transitioning the kids from summer to school, parents can do a little homework of their own with this handy back-to-school health checklist.
  • Get Organized - Organize all medical history records and emergency medical contact information for your child. Provide copies to your child’s school and day care providers. The form needs to include information related to prescription medications, medical problems, previous surgeries as well as pertinent family history and emergency contact information.

You can find a few medical history templates and free consent-to-treat forms online which allow caregivers to authorize medical treatment if necessary.

  • Plan School Physicals - Schedule dental check-ups and school physicals including eye exams, hearing tests and immunizations six weeks before school starts. Back to school physicals are a time to monitor children’s growing rate, check that no new health concerns have arisen over the past year and administer any vaccines necessary. It is also an opportunity to determine if they are clear for physical exertion in school sports.

Find out more about the medical history and physical exam details in depth on our school physicals webpage.

  • Connect with the School - Connect with your child’s school nurse to create an action plan for any health issues, such as asthma or food allergies.
  • Get to Sleep - Healthy sleep habits are critical for transitioning back to school. Gradually adjust sleep and wake schedules two weeks before the start of school to help set their biological clocks to the new schedule. Keep a regular bedtime routine, even on the weekends, and eliminate exposure to electronics within an hour before bed. Read more about the importance of sleep on our blog.
  • Stock Up on Healthy Foods - Eating well at school can be challenging; talk with your children about healthy choices and discuss their menu options to help them make smart decisions on their own. Make it even easier by stocking up on healthy foods to pack for your kids’ lunches. Taking a few minutes on the weekends to cut up fruits and vegetables and prepare nutritious lunches can go a long way to keeping kids healthy.
  • Teach Good Hygiene Habits - Remind kids how to protect themselves from getting sick by preventing exposure to germs. Encourage them to wash up after using the restroom, before and after eating and avoid touching their face. They can also prevent getting others sick by sneezing/coughing into a tissue or into the crook of their elbow.
Who’s ready for a successful start to the new school year?

Scheduling School Physicals?

No need to schedule anything! All visits at eMedical Urgent Care are quick, convenient and do not require an appointment. Simply walk in whenever it’s convenient for you and your child; expect the exam to take only about 20 minutes to complete. Learn more about our services and how we can treat you and your family by calling our location in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey (908) 464-6700, or Middletown, New Jersey (732) 957-0707.

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