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Walk-In Camp and Sports Physicals

Posted on Wed, Apr 27, 2016

Walk-In Camp and Sports PhysicalsIt's that time of year again when parents are furiously filling their summer schedules with week-long sports camps and themed recreational activities. We realize there’s a lot that goes into figuring out your kid’s summer schedule, from piecing everyone’s calendar together to figuring out what’s going to keep the kids occupied and teach them some fun, new skills. While we can’t help you determine if soccer, swimming or softball is the right answer, what we can do is help ease the anxiety of having to schedule their physical exam to fill out all those forms. Because here at eMedical Urgent Care, we offer convenient walk-in camp and sports physicals that will have you in and out in no time.

Sports Physicals vs. Annual Physical

Sports physicals, also known as pre-participation physicals, are usually required to evaluate the athlete’s general health, risk of injury, and make sure he or she can safely participate. It's different from a standard, well-child exam in which the doctor will more comprehensively address the child’s overall well-being unrelated to sports.

What to Expect

During the exam, we will review medical history including things like allergies, asthma, medications, as well as any questions or concerns.  And during the physical part of the exam, the doctor will usually:

• Record your child’s height and weight • Take your child’s blood pressure and pulse reading • Test your child’s vision • Exam his or her heart, lungs, abdomen, ears, nose and throat • Evaluate your child’s posture, joints, strength and flexibility

Bring your children to eMedical Urgent Care Center for their sport physicals about six weeks before the season begins so there's enough time to follow up on something if necessary.

What to Bring

Remember to bring your insurance card and any sports or camp-required forms to your appointment so our physicians can sign any necessary forms provided. Also bring your immunization records so that we may review this to make sure they are up to date. If your child wears glasses or contacts, bring those as well.

New Jersey State Mandate

A pre-participation Physical Evaluation Form is required by the State of New Jersey for students in grades 6 through 12 participating on a school-sponsored interscholastic or intramural athletic team or squad. It must be completed prior to a student’s participation as per N.J.A.C. 6A:16 Programs to Support Student Development. Included in the State of New Jersey mandate regarding participation in sports, physicals are valid for one calendar year only, so it’s important to have this done annually.

Convenient Walk-In Sports Physicals at eMedical Urgent Care

Even if it’s at the last minute, our trained physicians can perform a thorough camp and sports physical to ensure your child is healthy and fit to participate in any activity this summer; no appointment necessary. Plus, with our caring and compassionate staff to help take care of minor breaks, sprains and cuts, eMedical Urgent Care is here to help you get back in the game and feeling better fast if an accident occurs. Learn more about our services and how we can treat you by calling our location in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey (908) 464-6700, or Middletown, New Jersey (732) 957-0707. We welcome you to walk in, get your exam and be on your way.

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