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Immediate Medical Care Tips to Prevent Common Travel Hazards

Posted on Wed, Mar 23, 2016

Death By Selfie | Immediate Medical Care Tips to Prevent Common Travel Hazards We’re entering the spring season, which means people are traveling for spring break and planning warm summer vacations. Vacationing can do wonders for recharging your health and rejuvenating your mind. Whether visiting family, taking a break from work or escaping “real life” for a little rest and relaxation in a tropical paradise, traveling also can expose you to a number of dangers. The immediate medical care team at eMedical Urgent Care wants travelers to understand the importance of being aware of and learning how to prevent common travel hazards including “death by selfie.”

Death by Selfie

A somewhat recent phenomenon, which has coincided with the increase of smartphones and social networks, is the rise in selfie-related injuries and deaths. Some individuals will stop at nothing to get the perfect selfie for Snapchat, even if it means getting too close to wildlife or sitting on the edge of a cliff. And recently, a teenager in India was struck and killed while trying to take a picture of himself in front of an oncoming train. Many destinations have actually closed parts of their attractions after people began engaging in way too risky behaviors just to take a selfie. Many of these unfortunate deaths and injuries could have been prevented if people had been following the rules at their organization; selfies just aren’t worth it.

Scary Statistics recently posted an article about how selfie-related deaths happen, they noted stats from Priceonomics and they are indeed staggering.
  • Since 2014, 49 people have been reported dead as a result of some sort of accident involving a selfie.
  • More than a quarter of selfie-related deaths are concentrated among 21-year-olds
  • 75 percent are male.
  • The most dangerous places to take a self-portrait seem to be high places or in water.
  • 16 people died from falling off a cliff or a tall building, while 14 drowned.
  • Posing next to an oncoming train is responsible for eight deaths

"A lot of these so-called selfie deaths can be blamed more on carelessness than photography. You have to be careful about taking shortcuts when trying to determine what is and isn't threatening."

Travel Safely

Multiple studies show that vacations give you a big boost for your heart and brain health, but the key is to plan appropriately and stay safe (even when you’re snapping selfies). And remember to stop by eMedical Urgent Care immediate medical care clinic to stay up to date on routine immunizations and flu shots. You can book an appointment through ZocDoc online or on your smartphone.

Enjoy Your New Jersey Vacation

Getting ill or injured while traveling can be frustrating. Rather than waiting for hours in an emergency room, you can ensure that you and your loved ones will receive the treatment that’s needed, when it’s needed. Learn more about protecting you and your family next time you travel by calling our location in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey (908) 464-6700, or Middletown, New Jersey (732) 957-0707.


Should I Bring My Child to a Walk In Clinic for the Flu?

Posted on Wed, Nov 18, 2015

Should I Bring My Child to a Walk In Clinic for the Flu?It’s pretty much a given that our children will pick up the flu at some point throughout the school year from all the coughing and sniffling students in their classrooms. So, how does a parent know when to bring their child into a walk-in clinic for the flu or a terrible cold? The flu and colds are both caused by viruses (not bacteria), so symptoms may last four or five days then you could be on your way to recovery. That said, both illnesses can morph into more serious conditions, including sinus infection, bronchitis, pneumonia, and strep throat. Drive to an eMedical Urgent Care walk in clinic near you if your child is experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Persistent sinus pressure
  • Worsening sore throat
  • Cough followed by yellow or green phlegm
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Ear pain
  • High fever

Walk-In Clinic vs ER

Severe influenza problems are most common in children under 2 years. In addition, children with chronic health problems like asthma, diabetes and disorders of the brain or nervous system are at especially high risk of developing serious flu complications. How do you know when it’s better to go to an urgent care center versus the ER? Read more about the common emergency room and walk-in clinic differences on our recent blog post, “Walk-In Doctor’s Office vs ER [INFOGRAPHIC].”

Protect Yourself from the Flu Virus

Flu shots are your best protection against the flu epidemic. And because the influenza virus(es) changes every season, it’s important to get your child vaccinated every year. Take your child for regular check-ups and stay up to date on their immunizations. Protect yourself and your family; talk with the pediatric-trained doctors at eMedical Urgent Care about the benefits of getting the flu vaccine to keep your child healthy. In addition to getting vaccinated, you can do more to fight the flu with a few healthy steps.

How do you know if it’s the flu, food poisoning, allergies or the common cold?

Symptoms of the flu usually develop within two days of exposure, but a person can spread the virus before they begin to develop symptoms. The common cold is a respiratory illness that can be caused by many different viral infections. I's often confused with the flu. There is no cure for the common cold or for the influenza virus. There are, however, treatments available to lessen the severity of the symptoms. As a parent, how can you tell if your child is dealing with a bout of food poisoning or the onset of the flu? They both have very similar symptoms. A doctor at your local urgent care office should be able to help you determine from which he or she is suffering, but always assume your child contagious and take the proper precautions. It can also be difficult to differentiate between the common cold and allergies. Parents should be on the lookout for specific symptoms covered in our recent blog post, “Is Your Child Suffering from the Common Cold or Seasonal Allergies?

Get Medical Treatment Right Away

Most of our pediatric physicians are parents too, so we understand the importance of keeping our tiny humans happy and healthy. After school, or on weekends, we‘re here. Patients are seen on a walk-in basis without appointment. Our convenient hours are designed to fit your schedule. Learn more about our services and how we can treat you by calling our location in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey (908) 464-6700, or Middletown, New Jersey (732) 957-0707.